Plan Administration

Providing a top notch benefit program is a great objective. But, once that is in place, how do you best navigate the murky waters of administration?

Proper administration requires much more than informing the employee as they walk out the door. There are specified notification requirements and paperwork, not only at termination but at hire. ABC can help you outsource this task to several competent, experienced vendors.

Qualifying Events
Insurers and the IRS usually limit an employee’s right to enroll, drop or change coverage to certain times and in certain situations. Knowing the varying qualifying event rules helps make your plan run smoother and provide for uniformly administered HR guidelines.

As an employer, your knowledge of Employees’ Private Health Information (PHI) is restricted to your HIPAA privacy officer. Usually someone not involved in employee hiring and firing. Who is yours?

Healthcare Reform
The Affordable Care Act is bringing major change to the way employers offer benefits. Some changes are minor, others cause financial concern. How to administer these and make the best decisions for your company is not always a clear decision. ABC’s deep expertise can help you evaluate the options and make the best choice.

This law had been around since 1974 and requires specific wording and notices in employee documents. ABC can help remove the administration burden around updating all your ERISA related documents.

Tax Forms
Particularly IRS Form 5500 for informational reporting of retirement plans and larger employer benefit plans. ABC can provide signature ready reporting. Your administration is the stroke of a pen.
Administration and related paperwork is a nuisance at best. Ask Arizona Benefit Consultants about the many programs we have to reduce your burden.

ABC’s skilled consultants work with employers to explore creative medical plan arrangements such as Health Spending Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) that enable clients to maximize their health care dollars. Our extensive experience in this area makes us a valuable resource in determining the best vendors for plan administration to ensure business owners are not burdened with the offer of these types of plans to employees. As the trend toward Consumer-Driven Health Plans (CDHP) continue, our consultants are even more equipped to showcase the latest news and innovative trends employers use and the best technology platforms available for administering and financing personal-care accounts.