Vendor Management Process

Offering the best possible benefits package and accompanying services can require the participation of multiple insurance providers, third-party administrators (TPAs), payroll companies and other supporting technologies. Whether your solution only requires one of our vendor partners or multiple, Arizona Benefit Consultants will manage the relationship for you. You worry about running your business. We’ll worry about the vendors. See below for an overview of our process:

Vendor Benchmarking
Ongoing due diligence as it relates to the various vendor partners in specific areas such as third-party administrators (TPAs), pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), insurance carriers, utilization review and case management, payroll and human resources services is the first step in Arizona Benefit Consultant’s vendor management process.

Vendor Selection
Vendor benchmarking identifies the appropriate vendors from a general performance standpoint and with the strategic and consultative approach as it relates to clients needs and goals we recommend the specific vendor partners. Securing the proper vendor partners is key to the overall success of the vendor management process.

Vendor Implementation
Vendor implementation and the on-boarding process includes timelines, work assignments, deadlines and the overall progress of installation. We manage the implementation process with our vendor partners to assure successful and timely completion. This process is critical to on-going plan management.

Vendor Performance
Vendor performance is part of the on-going plan management process. Through performance guarantees and other measurable metrics we maintain consistent client communication and effectively manage the plan.