Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Sometimes it seems as though the 21st century left the HR world behind. Countless businesses track their employee’s HR information through a cavalcade of spreadsheets. Worst yet some businesses are confined to binders. Neither method is efficient or secure.

Thanks to the cloud we are able to offer a simple but powerful Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that will save you time, give you more functionality and allow you to keep your employees’ sensitive information in a fully secure environment.

Each HRIS solution includes an Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal that allows the employees to go online to view their benefits information, update their demographic information such as phone numbers, request time-off and access a document library. If desired, you can even utilize the system to complete your Open Enrollment completely online!

Increase your efficiency while becoming more secure. Ask about our cloud based HRIS today!

HRIS Features

Choose from one of two tiers:

Communications Center
The Communication Center gives you secure storage for all of your HR documents as well as a place to look up information regarding your benefit plans. Features include:

  • Policies will include plan documents and rates
  • Benefit Plans Comparison
  • HR Research Zone

The HR Research Zone gives you access to a library of sample forms and policies, white papers, employee compensation statistics and more.

HR Management System
The HR Management System includes all the features of the Communication Center in addition to adding powerful tools that drive down to the individual employee level. Features include:

  • Track active, terminated, FMLA and COBRA employees
  • Track dependents and emergency contacts
  • Track benefit elections for each employee
  • Time-Off and Leave System – Track vacation, sick leave, and more
  • Open Enrollment Engine

HRIS Screenshot

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ESS Features

Choose from one of two tiers:

Benefits Central
Benefits Central gives employees a secure place to look up HR documents and get information on the company’s benefits package. Features include:

  • Policies will include plan documents and rates
  • Benefit Plans Comparison
  • Company Communications

You will be able to post announcements, upload policies and handbooks, list birthdays, and more!

Employee Center
Employee Center includes everything in Benefits Central and gives each of your employees their own dedicated login that can be utilized to view their specific benefits and HR documents. Features include:

  • Employee Profile Management – Let the employees make edits to their demographic information such as address and phone number
  • Personal Employee Library – Upload employment documents, disciplinary forms and more!
  • Compensation Information
  • Make vacation and sick time requests

ESS Screenshot

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