Basic Payroll Services

We understand the importance of a properly managed payroll. This is why we take a proactive and professional approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. With Arizona Benefit Consultants, our services become an extension of your business. You experience a smooth conversion from your current system to ours, as well as the best customer service in the industry. We guarantee your payroll will be managed to your standards.

PC-based Payroll

The most powerful payroll processing solution, is specifically engineered to be the most flexible payroll services solution available and provides all of the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll software, but at a fraction of the cost. It is extremely scalable, secure, flexible and easy to use. With an easy to use interface and open system architecture, providing administrators complete control over payroll and other human resource functions and endless integration possibilities with other enterprise software.

Allows you the ability to manage your payroll process with ease. An integrated report writer allows you to create detailed management reports and files. Included in the software is a basic level Human Resource module that will allow you to track employee dependents, previous work and education experience, employee insurance plans and much more.

It can also interface directly with most time and attendance systems as well as many human resource and general ledger accounting systems. Finally, reporting capabilities offer you a multitude of standard reports and virtually unlimited report writing capabilities.

Internet Payroll

If the ability to manage your payroll from multiple locations or over a secure internet connection is important, then our internet entry solution may be just right for you. Our 100% online solution provides a complete set of payroll management features in an easy to use package.

You can manage your employee payroll information, and generate management reports all through your internet connection. And since you can access the internet from virtually anywhere, you can always submit your payroll anytime.

The system is extremely easy to navigate and was designed for basic payroll management. You can generate reports, enter payroll, reprint check stubs and much more. It also has a comprehensive check calculator that allows you to calculate manual checks whenever required.

Additionally, you can provide your employees with online access to view their own payroll information such as their deductions, W-4 status, previous check stub history and more. They can even print a statement (check stub) from anytime in the past.

Phone/Fax Pay

With this service, you can either call us and report your changes and current payroll over the phone, or you can fax over our standard worksheet. This worksheet is customized to reflect your company’s payroll codes and employees. Simply fill out the worksheet and fax it over.

For smaller payrolls with few changes or hourly employees, we also offer an auto-payroll service where we automatically process your payroll each pay period.

Reports & Interfaces

We take a proactive approach in helping you better manage your payroll by helping you save time, money and run your business more efficiently. Through our expanded reporting capabilities and interface services, we provide clients the data they need to make more accurate business decisions.

We have the capability to customize reports, ensuring you get the data you need in a format that works for you. We also have one of the largest lists of standard payroll management reports available in the industry. Plus, our system is capable of interfacing with time and attendance systems, general ledger systems, 401K and benefit providers and can create files that you can use in other spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

We offer many specialized reports and services, including:

  • Bank/Positive Pay Files
  • Custom Reporting
  • General Ledger Reporting
  • Job Cost Reporting
  • Retirement Plan Reporting
  • Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Tax Filing & Compliance Services
  • Time Keeping Systems

Employee Self-Service

Have your employees ever asked if they could access their payroll check information on the web? Do you have remote employees that you’d love to avoid having to send a paycheck to? Tired of fielding calls for basic HR info that could easily be made available on the web?

If so, our Employee Self-Service solution is for you. Your employees can have secure 24/7 web access to:

  • Their most recent check stub
  • All historical check stubs and pay detail
  • Reports to calc pay totals over user defined date ranges
  • Deduction details
  • Tax and withholding status details
  • Accrual balance details
  • Direct deposit information
  • Demographic information

Additionally, side bars on each screen can be used to display company information or notices. This is an efficient, easy way to inform employees of new company policies such as PTO rules or holidays.