Tax Filing & Compliance

We continually stay up to date of all changes to state and federal tax filing laws so that you don’t have to. Our comprehensive tax filing software is continually updated to reflect changes in Federal, State, and local tax laws. Our system offers two ways in which you can file and pay your taxes.

Our Full Tax Filing Service includes the preparation and filing of all Federal, State, and local payroll tax returns and the depositing of all payroll taxes with the appropriate tax authority. We file and deposit payroll taxes in all 50 states. We hold all tax funds in a separate trust account and assume full responsibility for the complete and timely deposits and filings of all your company’s taxes.

Our Tax Preparation and Notification Service includes the calculation of applicable taxes and notification to you of all taxes as they are due. In addition, we provide full preparation of all Federal, State and Local Tax returns or facsimiles so that you don’t have to prepare the returns. All you have to do is make the deposits and file the returns we give you. This service allows you to retain the control of not only your funds, but also gives to the final review of all returns. With either choice, you can be rest assured that you are always in compliance.