Education & Awareness

Good decisions rely on good information. Understanding the complexity of employee benefit plans is a challenge, even for the most experienced benefits manager. Employers need to remain up-to-date on constantly changing trends, laws and regulations and employees need to understand how to best utilize their benefits. We have the solutions to help you and your employees tackle and understand the most complex of benefit topics.


Plan Reporting
We will maintain regular status updates on our plan utilization and how it effects your benefits cost. In the case of self-funded plans we will review your financials monthly to ensure smooth operation and indentify any deviations at the onset.

Ongoing Training
We provide ongoing training to our clients in all relevant areas, including keeping up-to-date on Health Care Reform changes. We feel it is important that our clients have an understanding of the processes at work and how they can affect benefit costs.

News Updates
We will keep you posted on breaking news as it relates to your benefit solutions and strategy, including emerging legislation and changes to health care reform.

Topical Articles
Need more information? Stop looking. Our informative articles cover hot benefits topics, such as Consumer-Directed Health Care (CDHC) and benefit cost trends with our educational articles.

Our newsletters include quarterly and monthly easy-to-read pieces that are focused on hot benefit and HR topics. We also design custom campaigns to fit your needs.


We provide education and other resources to help employees become smarter health care consumers. Smarter consumers mean lower costs for both employees and you!

Open Enrollment Meetings
We take a hands-on-approach to open enrollment and our consultants will assist and guide employees in making informed decisions about their benefits. This is yet another way ABC can reduce the burden of enrollment on your human resources employees.

Employee Communication Materials
We can provide many types of communication materials including lunchroom posters, payroll stuffers and benefit guides.

Employee Handbooks & Employment Policies
No need to worry about communicating your company policies and procedures to employees; we design employee handbooks and individual employment policies to get you started.

Our employee newsletters can go a long way in keeping your employees’ knowledgeable on getting the most out of their benefits. We can design a campaign for your specific employee population, including quarterly and monthly releases.

Encourage the Use of Generic Drugs
Suggest that employees use the generic form of their prescriptions (if available) to save both your organization and the employee money.