Introducing ABC's EmployercareTM


EmployercareTM is a movement being led by Arizona Benefit Consultants that brings employers and healthcare providers together to succeed where insurance companies and government have failed. We accomplish this through innovative ideas and collaboration with the only stakeholders truly motivated to make healthcare more affordable for EMPLOYERS.


Current Feature – “Re-Direct Health”


Did You Know?
The exact same MRI has a 390% price difference depending on where the service is rendered in Maricopa County? *

Hospital A: $2,054
Hospital B: $1,022
Free standing facility: $526


The exact same childbirth, delivered by the same OBGYN, has a 236% price difference depending on what Hospital is chosen? **

Hospital A: $13,031
Hospital B: $5,517


*MRI of Lumbar spine w/contrast in Maricopa County based on 2013 claims data
** Normal vaginal delivery in Maricopa County based on 2013 claims data


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